Hilarious advert for the Toyota AYGO


Toyota recently teamed up with YouTube personality, Rahat Hossain and pulled off an invisible driver prank while driving the new Toyota AYGO. Check it out here – http://bit.ly/invisible-driver-europe


Wildlife Photos I like

I haven’t blogged about anything new in a while so here it is: My new obsession – creative wildlife photography.

Now I love the outdoors and the wilderness, so when I found this one image it set a rolling stone basically. Look:



And then I found some more:

So gentle.

So gentle.

I especially love this one.

I especially love this one.

That’s all for now. Have a good day everybody!

The Mysterious White Lion

A white lion.

A white lion.

My girlfriend and I just got back from a brief sojourn at the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve where we spotted a beautiful and rare white lion. Champagne in colour with greenish-blue eyes, I was positively enthralled by the sighting. Long after the guided tour while we were relaxing in our bedroom, I couldn’t help but wonder about the white lion we saw. So I decided to ask the internet.

I found this interesting article about the origin of white lions and was surprised to discover the local lore that surrounds these beautiful creatures.

As the story goes, the Timbavati region  (where Sabi Sands is located) was once hit but a strange shooting star that emitted a bright light. The Queen and her people decided to investigate the fallen star and discovered it to be a shiny metal ball more brilliant than the Sun. The Queen, who was frail and elderly at the time, was abruptly swallowed by the light and emerged soon after fit as a fiddle – youthful, healthy and beautiful. The strange ‘fallen star’ remained in the area for several days before returning to the sky as mysteriously as it appeared. Apparently, its unnatural presence caused the animals in the area to be born with weird deformities – like buck with two heads, and lions with white fur coats.

That’s the lore, anyway.

Just thought I’d share my discovery.

Important Facts About Mozambique

If you’re planning on visiting beautiful Mozambique – whether diving in Mozambique or sunning your skin on the beaches – there are a few facts about this heavenly place that you should know. Listing everything from the currency to the current economic state, educate yourself with the following interesting facts (http://www.mapsofworld.com/mozambique/facts.html): 

  • Maputo is the capital of Mozambique as well as the largest city. Known by locals as Lourenco Marques and the City of Acacias, Maputo covers a total area of 133.6 square miles and has an estimated population of 1,244,227 people.  
  • Mozambique was first explored in 1498 by famed explorer Vasco de Gama and later colonized in 1505 by the Portuguese. It remains an Indian Ocean port city to this day. 
  • The currency of Mozambique is the Mozambican metical (MZN). One Mozambican metical is equivalent to 100 centavos. 
  • The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese. The language is spoken by 50.3% of the population while the remaining 39.7% speak it as their second language. Like many African countries, Mozambique is home to a number of indigenous languages including Swahili, Makonde and XiTswa.
  • Mozambique is 56% Christian and 17.9% Islam. Animism beliefs make up 7.3% while 18.7% of the population don’t affiliate themselves with any religion.  
  • The literacy rate of Mozambique is incredibly low, with a total adult literacy rate of 54% recorded from 2005 to 2008.  
  • Mozambique is a multi-party democracy and the government is divided into three branches: the executive, legislative and judicial. The executive branch includes the president, prime minister and Council of Ministers while judicial power is conferred in the Supreme Court.  
  • Mozambique is one of the poorest, most underdeveloped countries in the world, with most families surviving on less than $2 a day.
  • The Mozambique economy is largely based on agriculture and manufacturing industries. 
  • Mozambique’s major trade transactions are with the Netherlands, South Africa, India and China where it exports aluminium, prawns, cashews, cotton, sugar, citrus and timber. 
Now that you know a few things about what life is like in Mozambique, embark on that diving trip in Mozambiqueand explore the beautiful destination for yourself.  

Explore Table Mountain

If you’re enjoying a holiday to South Africa and find a stopover at Cape Town on your itinerary, a visit to Table Mountain is an absolute must. The famous mount is renowned for offering some of the most breath-taking views in Africa. From the table top you are treated to panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, Signal Hill, Robben Island and the City Bowl to name a few. You could take the aerial cable car to the top, or opt for a guided walk which is way more rewarding. See the full article here. 

7 Reasons to choose a holiday to South Africa

South Africa is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Its geographical position lends itself to a number of natural attractions; from mountains to sea-scapes, there is a city or town in the country that offers whatever holiday experience you’re looking for. But if you’re not totally convinced, here are seven reason to visit South Africa. See the full article here.

Wine Estates to Wander Through

he Western Cape is synonymous with the city of Cape Town; everybody associates the grandeur of Table Mountain with the province, but if you take a short(ish) 45 minute drive just outside of the Mother City, you’ll end up in the renowned Cape Winelands region. Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek are reputed as producing some of the best wines in the world. The huge spread of wine estates that covers the region ensures that at almost every turn you’ll be treated to captivating views of rolling vineyards and rocky mountains. 
 When in the Western Cape, a tour of the winelands is imperative – here are a few wine estates to wander through when visiting the area. see more here.